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1. She is adjusting the mirror. (조정하다)

2. The woman is addressing an audience. (연설하다)

3. The woman is arranging some flowers. (꽃꽂이하다)

4. The woman is arranging food on the table. (가지런히 정리하다)

5. The books are arranged on the shelves. (가지런히 정돈하다)

6. The man is doing two things at once. (동시에)

7. The man is bending over to pick up something. (앞으로 숙이다)

8. People are boarding the train. (타다)

9. He's dining by himself. (=alone 혼자서)

10. The audience is clapping for the players. (손뼉치다)

= The men are applauding the speaker.

11. The conductor is leading the group. (지휘자, 차장)

12. The avenue is crowded with people. (붐비다)

13. The police officer is directing traffic. (교통 정리하다)

14. She is drinking from a cup. (마시다)

15. The woman is examining a patient. (진찰하다)

16. They are facing each other. (마주 보고 있다)

17. She is feeding the animal. (먹이를 먹이다)

18. He is waiting to pay for his groceries. (식료품)

19. The workers are wearing their helmets. (헬멧)

20. She is holding up a dress. (들고 있다)

21. He"s kneeling down to do his work. (무릎꿇다)

22. She's wearing glasses and a lab coat. (하얀 가운)

23. The painter is balanced on the ladder. (사다리)

24. He is leaning on the railing. (기대다=lean against)

25. She"s placing the lid on the box. (뚜껑)

26. She's lifting a large container. (높이다)

27. They are lined up against the wall. (줄 서다)

28. She's disposing of some litter. (쓰레기)

29. He is loading boxes onto the truck. (짐을 싣다)

30. He is making a presentation. (발표하다)

31. He is standing to make a point. (설명하다)

32. The maid is making the bed. (침대를 정돈하다)

33. He's mopping the floor. (바닥을 닦다)

34. All the seats are occupied. (차지하다)

35. The woman is ordering her meal. (주문하다)

36. The woman has an open book. (책을 보고 있다)

37. She's paying the cashier. (캐셔)

38. She is using a pay phone. (공중전화 = public phone) (= The phone is in use.)

39. They are performing outdoors. (공연하다)

40. He's reaching to pick up the tools. (집다) cf) He's picking some flowers. (따다)

41. A certain man is walking along the pier. (부두)

42. The man is pointing at the document. (손으로 가리키다= point to)

43. The waiter is pouring water for the customer. (붇다)

44. The presenter is using a projector. (영사기)

45. He is putting fuel in the vehicle. (주유하다)

46. The man is raking the leaves. (갈퀴로 긁어모으다)

47. He is reaching for something on the shelf. (뭔가를 잡으려고 팔을 뻗다)

48. They are rearranging the furniture. (다시 배열하다)

49. The woman is looking at her reflection in the mirror. (투영; 거울에 비친 모습)

50. People are relaxing by the river. (쉬다) (= rest, take a break)

51. The woman is resting her chin on her hand. (턱을 고이고 있다)

52. They are removing their jackets. (벗다)

53. The technician is rinsing the equipment. (헹구다)

54. The people are saluting the flag. (경례하다)

55. The waiter is setting the table. (상 차리다)

56. She is scrubbing the steps. (문지르다)

57. The spectators are standing along the race course. (구경꾼)

58. People are strolling along the path. (걷다)

59. He"s taking notes about the newspaper story. (메모하다)

60. He is taking off his work boots. (벗다)

61. The ropes have been tied to the boat. (~에 묶여있다)

62. The vehicle is being towed away. (견인되다)

63. She is trying on clothes. (입어보다)

64. The cleaners are vacuuming the carpet. (진공 청소하다)

65. The store sells a variety of flowers. (다양한)

66. The vehicle has been elevated for repairs. (차량)

67. The man is watering the plant. (물주다)

68. She is weighing the luggage. (무게를 달다)

69. He is working on the computer. (연구하다, 수리하다, 작업하다)

70. The man is working on the farm. (밭을 갈다)

사 물 묘 사

71. The man and the woman are sitting in alternate seats. (교대로)

72. The houses are built in a similar style. (같은 모양으로)

73. They are standing in a small circle. (원 모양으로)

74. The wires run in several directions. (여러 갈래로)

75. The children are outside in the snow. (눈밭에)

76. He is taking a break in the sun. (양지에서)

77. The men are stacking boxes in a row. (한 줄로)

78. The boxes are stacked on top of each other. (차곡차곡)

79. They are sitting next to each other. (나란히)

80. There are some bicycles on display in the window. (진열된)

81. There are many windows along the side of the barn. (헛간)

82. Cattle are standing out in the pasture. (소)

83. The road runs through the countryside. (시골)

84. The car is parked next to the curb. (도로의) 연석

85. The frame of the building is exposed. (뼈대, 액자)

86. The painting is hanging on the wall. (걸려있다) cf) hang from the ceiling

87. The bus is at the intersection. (사거리, 교차로)

88. The landscape in this area is dry and rocky. (풍경)

89. There are several lanes of traffic in each direction. (차선)

90. The bottles are lined up on the shelf. (줄지어 있다)

91. The trees have lost all their leaves. (나뭇잎)

92. The newspapers are lying on the ground. (놓여 있다)

93. The houses overlook the water. (내려다 보이다)

94. The tables are partially shaded. (부분적으로 그늘지다)

95. There's a bicycle path beside the river. (길)

96. Tables and chairs are arranged on the patio. (파티오)

97. The leaves are piled up on the steps of the houses. (쌓이다)

98. He's pressing a label onto an envelope. (붙이다)

99. The wires run in several directions. (방향이 ~으로 향해 있다)

100. They are sealing a box with tape (봉하다)

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