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(강남/논현) 영어회화 English Conversation Intermediate

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  • 2023.09.05
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Our meeting is basically for discussing, debating, and sharing our thoughts and opinions in English through a casual study group atmosphere. We use only English to express our views on Business-related topics from how to interact with co-workers to living a healthy, balanced working life. You can expect to join about 15~20 other friendly members every meeting, all of whom have come together to share their experiences while exercising their English skills. Members can range from university students to working men and women from various backgrounds who all have a unique story to share.


1. Daily Conversation or Discussion

During every meeting, we read about a few recently published articles from resources such as Tech, TED Talks, CNN, and many other renowned publishers of business matters(which is intermediate or eaay). The topic of these articles can cover just about anything from Politics, Economics, Physical and Mental Health, advice on interacting with coworkers and bosses, professional success, coping with stress, and overall healthy balancing of personal and professional life.

2. Listening:

Every meeting, we will listen to about two audio recordings of English conversation, typically dealing with every day situations. The recordings can use different English dialects such as American, British and Australian English to practice comprehension of conversation no matter the accent. You will be given a handout with the script of the conversation in a fill-in-the-blank format. We will listen to the conversation, and on the handout, write the missing words of the conversation. This is excellent listening and writing practice all in one. We will then check the answers as a group and discuss what we heard.

3. Debate:

Every meeting we will have about 20 minutes reserved for open debate. The leader will write a variety of discussion topics on the board, and in small groups, the members will casually debate and share their thoughts on some hot-button issues. Topics of discussion can include controversial things such as Animal right, studying abroad, IT products, Death penalty or your view on Homosexuality. There are also some fun choices such as recommendations for travel or comparing food from different cultures. These debate sessions are meant to be friendly, however through English, you should make a point and defend it with reasons, as well as ask others their opinion as well.

*Native English speaking foreigners can also join our study to add their experience and insight. Their addition to our discussion can offer a wider view of the English speaking world from a first-hand perspective.

*Here many Korean members are at high levels of English fluency with much to share - you will be able to socialize with many knowledgeable people at every meeting. We usually divide into small groups of 3~4 people, and rotate groups every 30~50 minutes or so. This ensures that everybody has a chance to meet all members and share their thoughts with many people.

*Rather than wondering what our meetings are like, feel free to join and see for yourself! All you will need is a pen, and a good spirit.

*After meetings, there is the opportunity to hang out and get something to eat or drink with fellow members. We usually find a place to socialize near by in Sinchon, and occasionally play various games such as bowling, billiards or anything else we decide to do together.

*Finally, please remember this is an ENGLISH study, therefore the language we use at all times is English - both during study and while hanging out afterwards.

With support from each other, let's make English a fun and exciting experience together.
Serious people only.


Toeic Speaking Lv.6 or above only (As well as OPIC IM3 or above)
Or 이에 준하는 수준의 스피킹 실력을 갖추신 분만 참여가능 (대략 초중급 이상 권장)


*Every Tue/Wed/Thu (매주 화수목 중 하루)
7:3O pm
Location: Gangnam (Line 2 / Shinbundang Line)
Contact : O1O -79O4 -879O  (Text msg)

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